Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System is a channel provided by PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia for those of you who have information and want to report an act indicating violations that occur within PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia and its bussiness process.

You don't need to worry about revealing your identity because the PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia will respect and secure your self identity as a whistleblower. PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia will only focus on the information you report.

If you have information on deviations from the prevailing rules and regulations, extortion, fraudulent acts, abuse of position for interests outside the company, please contact us by

send your information to
by fill in the data using the form below.

WBS Mechanism

WBS reporting mechanism is as follows:

  • WBS submisson method, Whistleblower may submit report using the following media : Email to
  • Protection for the whistleblower, With reference to Internal Company Regulations.
  • Complaint Handling, The admitted reports will be handed over to Internal Audit Group then will be investigated and followed up.
  • Complaint management, The Internal Audit group will be the line unit that handles and manage complaints.
  • Outcome of complaint handling, The report will be followed up by the internal audit in accordance with whistleblowing system manual policy.

Benefit of WBS

The following are benefit expected to be achieved by the implementation of WBS program, among other:

  • Availability of media as a means and mechanism for early detection.
  • As a means of monitoring or supervising the Company's activities.
  • As a good means to facilitate the interests of the Company's Stakeholders.
  • Pushing the Company towards a better direction.

Scope of WBS

  • Deviations from applicable laws and regulations.
  • Violation of Company policies and regulations.
  • Abuse of position for other interests outside the Company.
  • Extortion.
  • Cheating.
  • Conflict of Interest.
  • Gratuities or acts of bribery.


  • In accordance with the provisions and regulations applicable in the Company.
  • Will be followed up and processed in accordance with the legal process.
  • The whistleblower who reports violations 3 (three) times and has never been proven will be given penalty.

Protection of Reporting Parties or Parties Related to Authorities

  • The confidentiality of the Reporting Party is guaranteed.
  • The company guarantees protection of the whistleblower from all forms of threats, intimidation, or unpleasant actions from any party as long as the whistleblower maintains the confidentiality of the reported violation to any party.
  • Protection of the Whistleblower also applies to parties carrying out investigations as well as parties providing information related to such Complaints / Disclosures.

The follow-up process for complaints

  • Internal audit conducts an initial review of the indications for 14 working days of the complaint and makes a summary.
  • Reports on the results of internal audit and external investigations are completed within 90 working days from the time the decision to conduct an investigation is received by the internal audit department and then presented by the Internal Audit Department to the president director.