Company Profile

Our Company

PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia (PT BAI), a subsidiary of State Owned Enterprise (SoE) PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) - called as INALUM - and PT ANTAM Tbk - called as ANTAM -, is established and operates under the laws of the Republic of Indonesian, will develop, build, own, operate and manage the Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery (SGAR Project) with 1 Million Alumina product capacity per annum (Expandable) in Mempawah District, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, to increase the national added value by refining Bauxite ores to be Alumina product.

SGAR Project is Strategic Project with huge investment that will bridge and enhance the unconnected Aluminium Industrial chain between ANTAM’s Bauxite Mine at the upstream and INALUM’s Aluminium Smelter Plant’s need at the downstream.

This project will adopt eco-friendly production technology to protect the planet, run in partnership with community and government engagement, collaborate across discipline areas to create a sustainable company, and inspire the next generation to welcome to a brighter future.

Our commitment to strong partnerships with all stakeholders creates innovative solutions that support and enhance their growth in all business areas.

Our Mission

Vision :

To be the most reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly global alumina company.

Mission :

To operate alumina purification factory to produce high quality product as well as to add value to share holder.
To develop human resources to achieve excellence and encourage harmonious relationship.
To be a company that perform business with ethical conduct, prioritize health and safety, and environment friendly.
To participate in public development programs for independence to support continuity of company.
To establish supplier as strategic partner that allow mutual benefits for all parties and preserve company image.

Company Values


Care that we prioritize work safety and protect the environment


Responsive, we are quick to respond to challenges and use all resources to overcome them


Integrity is that we are honest, transparent and committed to doing the best for our customers and companies


The benefit is that we make a real contribution to the country, the company and society


Real action that we promise to give the best performance

Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct is the foundation to perform the duties and responsibilities as part of GCG implementation. This code is designed to make sure that all corporate position levels have commitment to GCG principles. This commitment is manifested in writing on signing of a document called “Declaration of BAI Citizen’s Commitment”.

This code has been continuously socialized to all BAI citizens to provide better understanding on Code of Conduct. Subsequently, every BAI citizen is obligated to sign the declaration of commitment for implementation of GCG.

This code also explains about provisions to every BAI citizen in making interaction and having ethics internally and externally

The Company has issued Charter of BoC, BoD, Audit Committee and Internal Audit. This charter is made as guidance in performing the duties and responsibilities based on GCG principles.

  • Charter of the board of commissioners
  • Charter Director
  • Audit Committee Charter
  • Charter of the Internal Audit (SPI)

The Board of Commissioners (BoC) consists of 3 (three) persons having their duties and responsibilities collectively to carry out monitoring and giving advice to Directors as well as ensuring GCG implementation in the Company.

The Board of Director (BoD) consists of 3 (three) persons having full responsibilities for the Company operations for the purpose of Company interests and objectives. The Directors are President Director, Technical and Project Director, Finance, General Affair, Human Resources Director.

The Audit Committee is a supporting organ of BoC having its function to support the accomplishment of BoC duties. The Audit Committee plays an independent role in performing the duties and is directly responsible to the BoC.

As the commitment of GCG implementation, the Company has issued the policy regarding Gratification Control System. This policy has function as a reference in determining any action to be avoided related to bribery as well as the compliance to report any gratification practice.

This provision has prohibited every BAI citizen to receive and/or give Gratification pursuant to the prevailing regulation.

Company Leadership

PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia's executive leaders manage the company's business and affairs. Driven by spirit of Core Values and Principles, these executive leaders work together as a team to help PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia achieve their vision and mission